Broken Promises Sanctuary

	I have personally conducted hundreds of investigations and
	          prosecutions of animal cruelty.  I have seen the dark side of human nature
	         when it comes to animals.

	      Tough economic times can expose a dark side as well.  Many animals
	 are the first to go when financial cut backs are necessary.  This organization
	 makes every effort to help families keep their animal companions but the
	 reality is undeniable.

	     This sanctuary is supporting many old and sick creatures that were
	"turned in" because of their medical needs and associated cost.

	     In tough times the bright side of human nature also becomes clear.
	 Every penny of support you give to the sanctuary is spent on the care of


                                                                          Dr. Stuart Goldman

Broken Promises is a 501(c)3 non-profit sanctuary where every donation is spent on the animals.